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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 2, 2018 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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on waterloo bridge the alleged strangulation and dismemberment of exiled saudi journalist jamal khashoggi inside the country's consulate in istanbul the middle east is at the lowest rank of the. reporters without borders index for freedom of press it is the worst place to be a journalist we know of cases where journalists. is just one in many in syria in iraq in palestine in egypt across the region in the gulf this is a pattern that has gone on for far too long what chance of justice for her and the great many others the u.n. notes that in nine out of ten cases the killers go unpunished jonah how al jazeera london. the holy his deputy executive director with the committee to protect journalists and joins me now from new york good to be with us live on al-jazeera the u.n. recognized they couldn't have been more important in the light of events from
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istanbul which of obviously caught global attention. absolutely the murder of jamal khashoggi has really galvanized journalists around the world i've not seen probably city around a murder like this in all the all the years that i've been doing this work of defending press freedom i think the sheer brutality and the horror of the crime and the fact that a state actor is involved have propelled this to the front pages and kept it there for nearly a month of course journalists are killed a journal reporter said in his piece in a variety of ways to get the story some were targeted some are caught in the crossfire some are in the middle of conflicts and we talk about the middle east and africa that's the hell and the arab awakening we saw so many journalists there in nigeria. does target the mole to for example in the last year a journalist blown up for investigating corruption in central america in all its forms either dealing with governments or with drug cartels journalists are targeted
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how can you in a broad brushstroke try and protect journalists with any one convention or one legal document. well some of the greatest protection the journalists can give themselves is to do their journalism to keep these murders on the consciousness of the world not to let governments get away with it the thing that governments want is for us to look the other way not cash all this that's the last thing that we should be doing we need to document the murders and violations against journalists and to hold those to account who are responsible that's why it's imperative that saudi arabia should and for the murder of jamal khashoggi and there's a very easy way for turkey to do that that's to write a letter today to the u.n. secretary general and trigger an independent u.n.
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led investigation because i fear that we will not get to the bottom of this if we just leave it to saudi arabia and to turkey indeed. to side many nations on state controlled news services we're very aware of that being an independent news source carries with it the possibility of danger if you ask the most simplest or innocent of questions we have an al-jazeera journalist in an egyptian jail we have me in ma journalist from reuters in jail for uncovering a mass murder. again you know when you have a state in control of a country not even the u.n. seems to be able to cajole push or get these men and women released. absolutely you're dealing with governments and it makes it harder but what we need to do is to make sure that the countries that have relations with those authoritarian governments that do trade that have diplomatic ties use whatever
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influence they can to pursue justice countries usually do care about having fairly good commercial and diplomatic ties with others they don't like being ostracized so that's a point of pressure for all of us to bring to bear on governments that are silencing journalists whether it's me and maro the philippines or whether it's the governments of the middle east that you mentioned the the point is that you can't let them get away with it you can't you can't do nothing well to see what can be done in the days and weeks ahead for the moment to robert malley thanks for joining us from new york to talk with us still ahead here on the al-jazeera news are walking a mouth and every day we follow a family from one to risk desperate to get to the u.s. . and a multimillion dollar wrestling event there is ahead in riyadh despite a backlash from fans and wrestlers in the wake of the jamal khashoggi killing.
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evangelical christians from the united states have made a rare visit to saudi arabia they've met senior government ministers and the crown prince mohammed bin salon the kingdom is trying to repair its international reputation in the wake of the murder of jamal khashoggi some of the visiting group ostrovsky pro israel described themselves as zionists several are close to u.s. president donald trump saudi arabia bans all religions accept islam and doesn't officially recognize israel. well it says relations will not be normalized until israeli forces withdraw from occupied palestinian territory but since the crown prism prints emerged as a major power center in twenty fourteen saudi arabia and israel have grown closer in april mohammed tinsel man said israelis have a right to live peacefully on their own land a month later the air space was open to a commercial flight destined for israel for the first time and while the u.s. decision to move its israeli embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem was met with protests across the muslim world reacts to criticism was muted israel and saudi
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arabia have a common enemy in iran they opposed to bars plans in the run up to the twenty fifteen nuclear deal and are together supporting the reintroduction of u.s. sanctions rami koori is a senior fellow and professor at the american university of beirut joins me now via skype from beirut to tell you with us again rami why is this group in the country that refuses to acknowledge any other faith other than islam. well this is it has nothing to do with faith or islam this is it is a political visit group of essentially political operatives former congress former congresswoman right wing extreme evangelists who are very close to the white house led by a. writer who lives in this real one of the members of the group but described themselves describes himself as a devout american christian zionist leader so this is
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a group of right wing american zionist fanatics who are close to the very close to the white house very close to the net now government and israel and they are on a political mission which happens to serve their purposes trumps purposes the israeli government's purposes and seemingly the purposes of the saudi crown prince and these are political convergence is not really anything to do with religion it's an element of hypocrisy here in terms of the timing. well there is but hypocrisy is an essential core element of politics specially as practiced by extremist groups like netanyahu like the american president and these groups and this is what politicians do unfortunately so we need to just understand this. not very well disguised political escapade by a group of people who are not really serious religious leaders their media
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personalities former congresspeople political operatives lobbyists things of that nature writers and there is a close convergence now between these evangelists and the white house in terms of votes they claim to represent around sixty million people and this is a very strong group of voters who hold trump has courted various clearly and has given them what they want to move the embassy in jerusalem the american embassy in move the to east jerusalem is downplaying links with the palestinians who is doing all kinds of things that the israeli right wing government wants and i think hamad bin so man probably bad advice by bad advisors is thinking that maybe this group is a way to get closer to the israelis and closer to trump and possibly also the saudis feel this visit breaks the slow isolation that they might have been
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suffering after the has to be a murder they're not totally isolated a lot of people are still going to saudi arabia but a lot of people are not on saudi arabia not investing and being careful about links with saudi arabia until the murder mystery is resolved and maybe the saudis think this is one way to make it look like they are actually having a normal ties with all kinds of people that's the main we'll leave it to that rami is always good to get your insights into these subjects and thanks very much for your time from beirut. the palestinians in gaza are giving up for another weekly round of demonstrations on the border fence with israel they've been protesting every friday since the thirtieth of march more than two hundred palestinians have been killed by israeli forces since then demonstrators have been calling for the right to return to their ancestral lands and the end of israel's twelve year blockade of the gaza strip are a force that is there and joins us now and harry the demonstrations we expect will continue but there is talk that perhaps not on the scale that we've seen before why
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there was talk of that yesterday and indeed there's evidence of it today as you can see the scale of this protest is very much down on last week's and on what we've been seeing in recent weeks there was an egyptian delegation that came into gaza for the second time in a week yesterday thursday they had talks with senior leadership members not just of hamas but also the committee that runs this great return much of course hamas being the most senior author already in gaza crucial in the decisions made and they were given an undertaking we understand that there would be no incendiary balloons or kites flown into israeli territory today there would be no tire fires burned either to create that pall of smoke which can screen some of the protesters from the israeli sniper fire and so what we've seen largely accords with that there have been a couple of small tire fires that have been set but nothing on the scale we've seen recently the numbers are much down the israelis though have been firing
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a great deal of tear gas canisters into the fields behind me that was the main area of the protest a short while ago because the prevailing wind is coming from israel into get into gaza today unusually most fridays it goes the other way the israelis have been able to use that as a tactic to to keep these protests back even further for the moment we'll leave it there harry thank you very force that there in gaza. well it's time for the weather his stuff early this week we're talking about sort of the drug for weather across europe and italy's been taking a real hammering that's right and there's more severe weather still to come not just today but also tomorrow as well different places that if we take a look at the satellite picture at the moment you can see all the cloud that's marching its way northward so it's going over sicily over parts of italy and where we saw the deadly weather there in the northeastern parts of italy is where we had very strong wind as well as the trench the heavy rain so this is where we're expecting more very heavy downpours today the northeastern parts of italy again into slovenia and also through mainland italy and down towards sicily and it's to
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near zero so that's where we're seeing the worst of the weather today that's where we're expecting to see more in the way of flooding look what happens if we head through into saturday that area of rain in the mediterranean sort of stays where it is but the darker blues there just shrink away towards the fountain actually it looks like sicily and chin dizzier a particularly at risk of seeing some very severe weather on saturday there's likely to be some flooding here as we're expecting around two hundred millimeters of rain to fall just in a day that is a lot of rain for this region to cope with now is that system continues to swirl around in the mediterranean we're also noticing another system just whip its way up towards the northwest that's the remains of a hurricane and we're actually making landfall there a body is increasing the winds over the northwestern parts of britain and ireland very windy very wet and just to finish then in the east we've got strange weather as well as just really should be around ten it's eighteen so it's all going crazy it has for the web influenced people around the world and certainly people what's
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ahead the knowledge is there because we're on board dr beach but not to go surfing it's first of all time in australia and in sports the same boat leaves the mariners to put his football dream in don't have those details in schools or do stay with us here on the al-jazeera news out. hate violence revenge an increasingly alienated generation is finding new outlets to vent its anger. in a new series al-jazeera takes an unflinching you know at the end of radicalized organizations to young people revealing that in a web things and the often brutal consequences for those drawn into their extreme ideologies radicalized youth coming soon on al-jazeera.
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requires. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera has news arms the whole robin a reminder of our top stories the u.s. secretary of state says sanctions are being prepared against saudis involved in the killing of jamal khashoggi saudi leaders and so far resisted international pressure
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to reveal who ordered the journalist's murder aides to crown prince mohammed bin sylmar implicated she disappeared after entering the saudi consulate in istanbul a month ago. evangelical christians from the u.s. have made a rare visit to saudi arabia they've met with senior government ministers and the crown prince moment been sold man the kingdom is trying to repair its international reputation in the wake of the. murder. but to our top story the murder of jamal khashoggi now the calls from around the world for justice wherever the trial may lead have grown louder with every detail that emerges our diplomatic editor james bays looks at the international options for an investigation. will there be justice for jamal khashoggi the turkish prosecutor wants saudi arabia to reveal the whereabouts of the body and hand over the eighteen suspects but the saudi foreign minister has made it clear
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there will be no extraditions from his country but so are there other legal options experts believe the u.n. could set up an international panel but the secretary general antonio could terrorists who would appoint its members and maria fernanda espinosa the president of the general assembly one of the un bodies that could mandate it a well aware this is a political minefield we will wait to see whether we get a formal request from a government such as the government of turkey but if we get something like that we'll evaluate it and then and then. make a decision based on the requests that we receive the i think we all understand the process sell this is now a matter that says in the hands of a request that we will receive the request could come from the body she heads the general assembly is she taking soundings of the wider membership of the general assembly or the conversations that she is having about this. caps we for her and the counterparts beyond a u.n.
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inquiry there are a number of other legal options and precedence former chad dictator his send our brain was eventually jailed for war crimes after first being prosecuted in belgium under what's known as universal jurisdiction the concept is controversial and the belgian law has since been repealed but international lawyers say as saudi arabia is a signatory to the un convention against torture it might face calls from other countries for extradition laws passed by congress in the us also might be relevant the magnitsky act passed in twenty twelve after the murder of a russian lawyer working for the american businessman bill browder could be used against saudi arabia there's also the possibility of private prosecute. stephen rapp who served as president obama's pastor at large for war crimes issues says the saudi crown prince mohammed bin soma should watch is stan it's a really big comes to america and tries to go to valley or anywhere or to enjoy the
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company of investors or others you'll find process servers. around the meeting so i don't he's not going to be able to do what he has done before so let me ask that question again will there be justice for jamal khashoggi it's not certain and there's a long road ahead but along that road saudi arabia and key figures in the country face fresh scrutiny bad publicity and reputational damage as well as the possibility of a prosecution james bows out jazeera at the united nations these are the coalition has launched a new offensive in yemen it's begun an operation to retake the port city of data currently under the control of who the rebels the coalition sentence thousands of troops to the area this week and in the early hours of friday it also attacked sanaa international airport and an adjoining air base the u.n. has relaunched peace talks and called on both sides to stop the fighting. there's
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an increasing concern about tension between two key u.s. allies in northern syria turkey and the kurdish led syrian democratic forces american troops have now begun joint patrols with turkish soldiers in beach the s.d.f. is they sneer by and it's led by kurdish fighters turkey considers terrorists the u.s. hopes the joint operations will prevent military confrontations between turkish and kurdish fighters two thousand american troops are working alongside the s.d.f. in the fight against eisel doldrum sending out yet another warning to the migrant caravan in mexico heading north towards the us border the president says they are an invasion and he won't call crossing the border illegally will be detained until they claim it's hurting court. asylum is not a program for those living in poverty there are billions of people in the world living at the poverty level the united states cannot possibly absorb them all asylum is
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a very special protection intended only for those fleeing government persecution based on race religion and other protected status the one of the many families in the migrant caravan has been telling all reporter john holden of the struggles they all encounter every step of the way with alexander starts his day's journey at three am he's not even awake he's system maria is and every step is a smooth tool it's not just legs a little used to walking a marathon every day she's developed to call. them on half whether it's because we're sleeping rough the winds get to her that's why she's sick this is a day in the life that the re is a lie a family home durance travelling in a caravan trying to reach the us today's route forty kilometers to the mix content of weeks they've left early to avoid the midday sun but dad alvin is struggling through can push a stroller in a dorm break he explains why it is that if this is the leg it's bad it's this one
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with polio it's been seven months early in his sophie's eight months pregnant but she didn't want to have her baby back code that bennett said out although he would have suffered like the other children there born into poverty off the four hour was she struggling then the family gets a break a-roid from a passing truck it revives the flagging children it set some down before a migration checkpoint one of several in the south from its commercial without papers their only hope to get through is by sheer force of numbers they have to wait for the others at least earning compressed to i was late to the caravan catches up and passes together the type tix worked. but as mid day approaches the race allies have other problems no food or water no spare clothes a man pulls up out of nowhere and helps with the first two and then the third.
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become easy to see the mexicans are been divided over the caravan but today help is ever present this lady simply sweeps up the family and pays the bus tickets just in time at the end of their strength. and it makes you wonder what's going to happen to them i just had to help and i saw the baby they finally made it two weeks here they can rest but there's no shelter so we just have these blankets for the children don't sleep on the pier pavement as the rain fools they try and work out their next move so everyone is just settling down now after what's been an exhausting day but they've still got about two thousand come home it says to get to the buddha and that they cover right that's going to take them at least a month and a hall but first there's a lawyer a his family has to try and get through the noise john home and how does he weeks.
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phone lines in some areas of pakistan being cut to fund the government to try and stop two days of protests of the blasphemy supreme court judges when the acquitted a christian woman sentenced for insulting islam eight years ago demonstrators are demanding the government overturns the court. has the latest from the capital. gang joined by running high crotch bogged on hair in that video of it it may be usual that your default that have already called on golf they're ready to go on with your situated just behind that in an area which how did that then it that supreme court and radio gone by get on television and the diplomatic the protesters are now trying to merge after friday prayers they can gain new key point. industrial have been killed in that city of karachi also reports that. there are also facing problem in the provincial capital of the
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one job because of. several key points where the approach that if you're going to buy if you cared before going to have also beefed up the information minister had already shared that the government. you know that you know weakness and progress gone the military spokesman. saying that this is a purely legal matter and that the army should not be dragged into it. is a columnist and also she joins me now via skype from lahore no the supreme court decision was based on evidence and testimony and the case doesn't stand up in a court of law but that doesn't seem to be enough for extremists who don't want to hear about the evidence all the facts. that is the i don't want to nukes but now it isn't i people have reacted to some killer shots at the door and that is the decadence of initialing and indoctrination and there is
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nothing that can be done about it fatally this is a process that will take a very long thank. the. people who are still it's only for a particular look at it louise than they want to really. didn't want to remain relevant not to live and they want to or don't they don't get. to the war aren't they never there for instance this particular bike your car that was sent is new. in the elections and you can get anywhere they do the. single seat yes think given all of those get caught in the new much religion but the fact that none of them is in that vehicle unlocked with them but when any of my inner ninety one must ninety percent muslim country you get up and say you're not well trafficked muhammad you live in berkeley were going down some country like now you know how dark it month alone oh well it was silent. but two out of them still weren't there and that is
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a fact we are. all of us his secret to one of us here the point is not blasphemy was done. like that another degree it blasphemy lark was dead but it's also it is not a mistrial of i'll get to that basically that the issue here is that there is a an issue of freedom of speech fine yet president musharraf in his tenure several years ago trying to make sure the clerics and those that expounds are a religious line of education were qualified to preach and he made shore you try to make sure that these people were the ones that were getting you might say the correct or the right message across to the masses across pakistan what's going wrong. if you see saying something and actually we can get a completely different things i ask them are the leaders or leaders are rarely military
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or civilian have been ducking about what lies in the law just us is generally not to the religious schools yet if you will if you look at these videos and look at these pictures we'll see that we love people from the underprivileged background these are people who don't even know what they are there for a little door that the that the same to teach but has been desiccated don't let the profit profits but some less money has been done to the profit which don't happen so insecure that we're losing the number of gains here are refusing to believe that a woman was accused of blasphemy a lesson who was derailed and was sentenced to death when her appeal went to the supreme court it was true when we did it was told that she did not do what she was accused of doing so instead of feeling happy about it just look at the irony their limited left or disapprove god has you know shawna jongleurs teacher someone who ordered logo did a blasphemous act that there are no number of factors here why and why you know
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that the fact that the blasphemy laws should tell been there in the first place since there is no mention of blasphemy and there is not blindly vanishment for blasphemy in the koran scholars the actual one that scholars line is that not a single i had of the will and saves dead a blasphemer again be punished one do you not to have become islam does not just not in the camp you go to some is not indeed and in estoril i was out of there and try to have to interrupt there we got the general gist of your point of view and thank you very much for your time here on out so. sri lanka's ousted prime minister has spoken to al-jazeera about why she has refused or why he has refused to accept his dismissal by the president really will work from a single told us that he still holds a majority in parliament and government should never have been dissolved president sort of centers decision to replace him with former president mahinda rajapaksa has triggered a constitutional crisis in their last presidential election and parliament religion
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we came forward on the basis that parliament is supreme that the president must act according to the be here as of parliament the nineteenth amendment to the constitution was drafted on that with ease now what has happened is the president is trying to override the power of the parliament we have news just coming in from egypt from state television that a bus heading to a coptic morna street.


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